Overseas Pakistanis

Our Services to Overseas Pakistanis

Badr Law Associates specializes in providing legal services in Pakistan to the people of Pakistani descent settled in foreign countries. Our 24 hours ‘Legal Support Service’ has already brought a new confidence and a sense of security in the families of the overseas Pakistanis. 

Badr Law Associates offers, inter alia, the following legal services: 

  • Free initial consultation via phone or E-mail. 
  • Consultation with a lawyer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Prompt legal support in Pakistan, in any emergency situation to the family members of overseas Pakistanis clients. 
  • Free legal opinion on legal documents. 
  • Help to obtain birth, police clearance, and marriage and divorce certificates. 
  • Online help in preparation and registration of letters of attorney. 
  • Representation in courts. 
  • Representation in business and property transactions. 

Our Legal Services abroad when you are still in Pakistan

In addition to our own offices, we work with a wide range of reputable lawyers across the world and are able to provide a full range of services in all major jurisdictions. Badr Law Associates offers, inter alia, the following international legal services:

  • We can find a lawyer for you to conduct your case in a foreign court of law. 
  • We can connect you to a reliable international lawyer to provide supporting services.  
  • We can engage a foreign lawyer on your behalf for providing you with a report as to the law in a different jurisdiction or enforcement of legal orders abroad.  
  • We can instruct on your behalf a reliable foreign lawyer to protect your interests in your immigration matter. 
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